Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Review Tuesday: 'Inception'

Today’s ‘Review Tuesday’. Sweetheart Vivienne said she recommended I watch Inception [1]. She wasn’t sure I’d understand it, she declared, but I needed to be able to say I’d seen it. As of last Saturday, I can say I’ve seen it. And as predicted, I didn’t understand it. Inception’s a multi Academy Award winning 2010 high action sci-fi thriller starring Leonardo DiCaprio (as Cobb) and directed by Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan. What’s it about? Great question. It is, I think, to do with planting ideas in other people’s minds by inserting people into dreams within dreams within dreams. So Cobb assembles a team of such people. Each team member has unique expertise. Don’t ask me what their expertises are. I can’t remember. And I don’t care. Anyway there’s much action in Inception. It was made for the big IMax screen. I saw it on Sweetheart Vivienne’s 15 inch MacBook Pro. Which may have detracted from the cinematic experience. But it didn’t affect my understanding of the plot. Which I found unrealistic and silly. In the end, they plant the intended idea into the intended man’s brain. After which Cobb goes home to his children. Or does he? The film’s big conundrum is whether his homegoing was reality or a dream. Who gives a …? I don’t. Inception’s been very well reviewed [2, 3, 4]. It’s lucky to get one star out of me. But at least I can say I’ve seen it. So thank you, Sweetheart Vivienne.

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