Friday, March 11, 2011

List: 'Ten models who have rocks stars for parents’

Today’s ‘List Friday’. Earth’s a sphere. In other words, it’s not flat. In yet other words, no playing field’s perfectly level. And, identical twins excepted, no two people are born equal. We all have different genes to each other, and different environments. Ideally everyone on Earth would have an equal opportunity in life. But in practice that concept’s pie-in-the-sky. Nature and nurture prevent it. (As an aside, I’m so pleased I’m in Australia at this moment, and not in Libya, say.) Like it or not, some people are more privileged than others. Doors selectively open for them. Corners are cut. Bumps are smoothed. And so to today’s list. From The Vine, it’s titled ‘Ten models who have rocks stars for parents’ [1]. Its blurb intimates, I think, that rock stars tend to have good looking kids. Of course models need to be good looking. Or at least not bad looking. It goes on to say that having a famous last name helps. Yet four of the ten models’ last names aren’t known to me. And ten of the ten models ditto. But I’m a mere backwoods farmer, to be sure. As for rock stars having good looking kids, arguably all ten models fit that bill. They may have become models even without their pedigrees and names. But we’ll never know – because there’s no control group. And the playing field’s not flat – even if your mum or dad’s not a rock star. Ho hum.

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Chrows25 aka Leather Woman said...

Sel and I have noticed that the milieu you grow up in shapes you, be that poverty or privilege, it creates expectations that are very different from an average citizen.

Ditto to being in Canada not Libya.