Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Alvin Wong: the real-life statistical composite happy man

Much of last Monday’s College session was devoted to reflective learning. I still don’t know exactly what reflective learning is. But I know it’s contemplative and introspective. Yesterday I returned home after a week in Victoria. Coming home always causes me to reflect on my life: what’s okay, what I should improve, how and when. And so on. A key aim of mine’s happiness [1]. I think I know when I’m happy. But I definitely know when I’m unhappy. Happiness is a worthy aim. It must be. Because it’s the topic of much research. Each Monday morning I send a ‘happy week’ email to Sweetheart Vivienne and our darling ones. Responding to last Monday’s, SanFran daughter sent me a link to this NYT article titled ‘Discovered: The Happiest Man in America’ [2]. It describes a statistical composite for the happiest person in America: tall, Asian-American, observant Jew, at least 65, married with children, lives in Hawaii, runs own business, household income over US$120,000 a year. And, lo and behold, the NYT located a man meeting all these criteria: Alvin Wong (pictured). Is Alvin a happy chap? He said he’s very happy. I hope that’s so. For his sake. And for the researchers’ sake, too. Me? I already know I’ll be relatively unhappy until next Monday morning – when I’ll be meeting Sweetheart Vivienne at Launceston Airport. Ho hum.

P.S. H/t SanFran daughter. You knew I’d love this NYT article. And you were right.

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Chrows25 aka Leather Woman said...

Oh dear, here I am disgustingly happy, not tall, nor Asian American,only slightly Jewish, not observant of any religion, we live on a third of Mr Wong's income; Hawaii and Manitoba are about as opposite as you can get, but we have our great kids, grandchildren and the furry pack! Best of all we have each other. I never ever believed I could end up so happy!