Sunday, January 30, 2011

Living well is the best revenge

Today’s ‘Positive and Optimistic Sunday’ . This past week I haven’t felt too positive and optimistic. I’ve been anguished about many things – including the deteriorating situation in Egypt [1] and Lebanon [2] and Jordan [3], the opposition to a tax levy to fund infrastructure reconstruction in Australia’s flood-affected areas [4], and the government’s slashing of programs aiming to cut greenhouse gas emissions [5]. Of course I have no personal control over these things. English poet and clergyman George Herbert (1593-1633) (pictured) said (regarding the awful things happening in our world) ‘living well is the best revenge’ [6]. But what does ‘living well’ mean? Different things to different people, I reckon. I live a blessed life: I’m healthy. I love a wonderful woman. She loves me. I have beautiful children and grandchildren who are an endless source of love and pride. I have stimulating and rewarding work. I live in a comfortable house on picturesque land in a sublime landscape. I have enough money to do whatever I choose (within reason). I live a life of freedom in a truly democratic nation. And I consciously try to live as humbly, gently, respectfully, generously and decently as I can. This isn’t a complete list. But you get the drift. Every day of my life I count my blessings. Of which there are many. I realise, and cherish, that of the seven billion people alive today [7], I’m among the most privileged and fortunate. Which isn’t self-congratulatory. Just honest.

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Chrows25 aka Leather Woman said...

I think you are living very well, it is hard not to feel somehow responslble for all the worlds ills and somewhat guilty for our own good fortune.We can only do so much for global situations. I despair too quite often on the world level, province and City too, I really can only help my immediate family and friends, if we all did that there would be far less strife. Cheer up mate, I miss you.