Saturday, January 1, 2011

Last year's compendium

Here’s this week’s compendium. Because it’s the first compendium of 2011, it’s a special one. One of my favourite Steve Earle songs starts with ‘Another year has come and gone, another circle round the sun’ [1, 2]. So 2010 has come and gone. Here’s my 2010 – in alphabetical order:

APART: Though in 2010 Sweetheart Vivienne and I were together more than in previous years, we were still apart too much. Being apart from her’s gotten harder and harder for me.

BLOG: In 2010 writing Farmdoc’s Blog was one of the main things that kept me sane. I enjoyed selecting the topics, writing the posts, and choosing the photographs.

COLLINGWOOD: I never thought I’d live to see another Collingwood premiership. In 2010 the Team proved me wrong. Our 15th. Go Pies!

DAUGHTERS: Throughout 2010 our four darling daughters – not to mention our four darling grandchildren – continued to be a source of joy and pride to me .

ENVIRONMENT: In 2010 world governments did next to nothing about global warming and climate change. How very disappointing. Indeed abhorrently negligent.

FARM: Each year my farming ability, and thus enjoyment, has increased. So 2010 was my best farming year yet. I’m pleased I earn my living from medicine and not farming, though.

GALE: Because the 16 September 2010 gale devastated parts of my land, it devastated me psychologically. I’m still not completely over it.

HANDS: In 2010 the osteoarthritis in my fingers progressed via more pain but especially less movement range and grip strength. But pleasingly my functional ability didn’t change much.

IPOD TOUCH: It continued in 2010 to be my most useful and enjoyable electronic gizmo. I mainly used it to access email and apps, and to listen to podcasts and music.

JETSTAR: In 2010 almost all my travel between Tasmania and Victoria was on Jetstar. Being a passenger on a budget airline’s dehumanising and soul destroying.

KIDS (AND LAMBS): I love it each year when our kids and lambs are born. And 2010 was no exception. There’s nothing like new life on the farm. But the babies grow up quickly.

LIBRARY: The State Library of Tasmanian is nothing less than superb. In 2010 I read 24 of its books.

MOVIES: The Bigpond Movies DVD rental service is also superb. My subscription is for four DVDs per month, so in 2010 I watched 48 movies. Saturday night’s movie night here.

NO: I’m pleased to tell you that in 2010 I said no to requests more than I’ve ever done before. It’s taken me over 60 years. I feel good about it. I’m proud of myself for saying no.

ORCHARD: Other than the 16 September gale damage, the orchard’s my biggest Mole Creek disappointment. In 2010 wallabies and birds wreaked havoc. The trees are moribund.

PETEY BOY: In 2010 my Maremma and I went for a walk every day. We enjoyed each other’s company. His disposition’s more amiable than that of many people I know.

QUICKEN: I love this computer program which in 2010 as in prior years helped me keep my finances up to date and reconciled to the cent.

RAIN: In 2010 the Mole Creek rainfall was well above average – indeed just a little less than the all-time recorded annual maximum. So my tanks are full and the stock has abundant food.

STUPIDITY: In 2010 the Medical Board of Australia made continuing professional development compulsory. Ticking boxes on a webpage hasn’t made me a better doctor. That’s for sure.

TANDEM: I’m ashamed to tell you this, but in 2010 Sweetheart Vivienne and I rode our Cannondale tandem bicycle only once. (And I didn’t ride my Peugeot mountain bike at all.)

UTE: On 22 January 2010 I took delivery of a Mitsubishi Triton ute. Almost a year later I still don’t like it much.

VIVIENNE: In 2010 Sweetheart Vivienne remained my raison d’etre. I adore her more now than I did at the start of 2010. Undoubtedly. Full stop.

WORK: I know I’m biased and not disinterested, but also I’m the best judge. And I say to you that I continued to do good work throughout 2010.

XIPHISTERNUM: In mid 2010 I began to feel an ache behind the xiphisternum (i.e. the lower breastbone). It’s not totally sorted out yet. Currently the most likely cause is oesophagitis.

YEAST: In 2010 baking bread continued to be my favourite kitchen activity. I didn’t experiment with different bread types as much as I’d intended. I don’t know why not.

ZIONIST: Last, and certainly not least, during 2010 I remained a staunch and proud Zionist.

Finally, on this first day of our planets 2011 circle around the sun, I wish you, dear Farmdoc’s Blog readers, a wonderful week – and year.


Chrows25 aka Leather Woman said...

So that was an amazing ABC, I would be lost without Sel, and yes I love him more each day. Petey, likewise I find my dirty dozen pets some off the best company around.
Ditto daughters, son, the in-laws all lovely and grandchildren great.
We are lucky people.

michelle said...

fantastic read. i linked to your blog via your lovely daughter at fox's lane and i can see the fruit has not fallen far from the tree.

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