Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bad news all round

As I foreshadowed yesterday, my computer’s in Launceston being worked on. So I’m writing this on Sweetheart Vivienne’s MacBook Pro. It’s a lovely computer, but I can’t find my way around it too well. And currently I don’t have the time and patience to learn. The upshot of all this is that there’s no compendium today. And, I reckon, I won’t be able to return to usual blogging until my computer comes back. I don’t know when that’ll be. Maybe on Monday. Who knows? The computer repair people can’t, or more likely won’t, tell me. I’m just fed up with this whole computer saga. It seems like it’ll never end.
A quick update on the effects of the heavy rain 10 days ago. The Marakoopa Cave system is closed to the public until further notice. And in the Great Western Tiers mountains the rain caused a major landslip– which is visible from the Mole Creek road – that’s apparently wiped out the Westmorland Falls walking track. And it’s rumoured the river’s been diverted by the landslip and/or the trees felled by it. So the Falls may be gone forever. Such sad news. Sweetheart Vivienne and I love that track and those Falls. We’ve done the Westmoreland walk many times, and we’ve taken lots of family and friends on it too.
P.S. I’ll post some photographs after my computer returns home.
P.P.S. Finally, I wish you, dear Farmdoc’s Blog readers, a wonderful week

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Geoffrey Brittan said...

I am sorry about your computer problems. If I lived near you, I'd let you use mine.

Mac systems are not perfect. My brother has one; it has required major service several times, but that is not a problem common with them. Since you have Vivienne's machine, take the time to really use it. Macs are generally more user friendly than Windows systems. Persevere, my friend!

Apple computers have grown from about 10% of the world market to 15% which means that malicious software is being designed for them.

Your new computer will be so much faster. It will be worth the wait. Best wishes from the land of falling snow.