Sunday, December 12, 2010

ReWalk™ - a product of Israeli genius

Today’s ‘Positive and Optimistic Sunday’. I’m acutely aware I have many reasons to count my blessings. One of them is that I’m not paraplegic – and neither is any of my family or friends. Being paraplegic’s distressing for several reasons – especially being physical dependent, being wheelchair bound (and thus at a lower level than everyone except small children), and (apart from the relatively few cases of temporary paraplegia) with zero likelihood of standing tall and walking again. Enter Argo Medical Technologies [1] – a small tech company in Haifa, Israel. Argo invented and refined ReWalk™ [2] – a wearable, motorized quasi-robotic suit. Partially concealable under clothing, ReWalk™ provides user-initiated mobility – leveraging advanced motion sensors, sophisticated robotic control algorithms, on-board computers, real-time software, actuation motors, tailored rechargeable batteries and composite materials. In summary ReWalk allows paraplegics to stand tall – physically and figuratively – and, as shown in this must-see video [3], to walk (albeit using forearm crutches) [4]. It’s a superb invention which will hugely improve the lives of many paraplegics world-wide. No doubt at all. How positive and optimistic is that. Good on you, Argo. You’re geniuses.
H/t Elder of Ziyon [5].

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Chrows25 aka Leather Woman said...

Isn't this fabulous I saw a brief video of this thing. I have a friend and nephew who are tetraplegic, both diving accidents.
I wish I could win a lottery and buy them one, they both have beautiful wives, because they are great humans.