Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Solomonian hypothetical

Solomon [1]. According to the Hebrew Bible he was a king of Israel, the son of King David, and the builder of the First Temple in Jerusalem. He reputedly had 700 wives and 300 concubines. But I write of him today because of his wisdom [2]. Especially the Judgement of Solomon [3] – regarding a scenario not amenable to compromise. Trees have been on my mind a lot lately. Notably the aftermath of the 16 September windstorm [4] including the collapsed woodpile [5]. Yesterday I read that a Dutch university study suggests wi-fi radiation may be harming trees [6, 7, 8]. The researchers say their results are inconclusive and merit further study. But of course those with a big stake in debunking this inchoate causal association have lost no time in debunking it – even without criticising the Dutch research methodology [9]. But let’s for a moment imagine wi-fi radiation does indeed damage, and kill, trees. And no tree on our planet is immune from such damage and death. In that case, mankind would have to choose: wi-fi or trees. Because wi-fi and trees is not an option. It’s a scenario not amenable to compromise. A clear Judgement of Solomon matter. A decision must be made – because not choosing is the same as choosing wi-fi. But King Solomon, who legend has it is the wisest person who ever lived, is long since dead. What will happen? What would you choose? Me? I’d choose trees. Undoubtedly.


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Dear Chrows25
Congratulations - you just equalled the record for the shortest comment.
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Geoffrey Brittan said...

Yes, trees get my vote. Any man who could keep 700 wives happy is indeed a wise man, but I wouldn't expect him to have time to help me. Anyway, the decision is such an easy one.