Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Zero Carbon Plan for Australia: Boy, what a no-brainer

Governments are stupid. Lacking balance. Lacking perspective. Lacking concern for their constituent populations. That’s politics for you: The art of compromise. The art of pandering to sectional interests. The art of granting rewards for favours bestowed; for donations given. And the art of maximising the probability of re-election; of retaining power. So I’m not surprised that – in this age of imminent or current Peak Oil, and in this age of rampant global warming – my nation’s government has decided to direct the future of Australia’s motor manufacturing industry to improving the efficiency of infernal combustion engines, rather than to innovative technology; especially zero emission technology, e.g electric, hydrogen fuel cell [1]? And it has the temerity to call its handouts the Green Car Innovation Fund [2]. What greenwash [3]. And hogwash. Talk about a dinosaur mentality. But unlike our government, some of our leading scientists are creative, innovative, and unafraid to aim high. The University of Melbourne’s Energy Research Institute [4] has just published a Zero Carbon Plan for Australia [5]. It’s a 10-year roadmap for 100% (yes, 100%!) renewable energy, at a cost of A$8 per household per week, using technology that’s available today. Should we implement it? Boy, what a no-brainer. Will we implement it? Don’t answer that – it’s a rhetorical question. Ho hum.

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