Wednesday, October 20, 2010

On ignoring a greenwash alphabet soup

Twelve days ago, Hepburn Wind celebrated the groundbreaking for its two community-owned wind turbines. Its website’s account of the event [1] is similar to its email to members, but lacks the following 84 words: The only disappointing aspect of the day was a protest organised by a group with the misleading name 'Australian Environment Foundation'. The group denies the existence of climate change and supports landscape guardian groups to target renewable energy projects, even supplying signs, banners and protesters. The protesters numbered around 20 and included few locals, and while Hepburn Wind supports the right of peaceful assembly, we believe there is no place in our community for abuse and intimidation – especially in the presence of children. The Castlemaine Independent, interviewing Cam Walker from Friends of the Earth [2], reported it well [3]. As I’ve written [4], AEF’s linked to the Institute of Public Affairs [5] and commingled with Timber Communities Australia [6]. Funded by Big Business [7, 8], IPA and TCA are climate change sceptics if not deniers. I can’t find out who’s behind Australian Landscape Guardians [9, 10] but I’ll bet it’s a greenwash organisation – as AEF is – and not a grassroots community one. It could be the brainchild of the nuclear energy industry [11]. Be this as it may, I respect the right of AEF, TCA, ALG or anyone else to protest. But not to be abusive and intimidatory in so doing. However it seems more of the same’s in store [12]. Ho hum.

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Chrows25 aka Leather Woman said...

So they don't like wind turbines spoiling the lovely landscape, I guess they would approve of tearing up those huge ugly cement highways and monstrous flyover bridges that really detract from the natural look. I certainly hope they all turned up on horseback, couldn't possibly support the automobile defiling nature with all it's pollutants.
I am sure this group gets backing from gas producers.
I hope I live to see windmills and solar panels every where; we should try building solar panels into those miles of highway.
I think Yahoo is under attack as I am getting serious spam in my inbox even as they try to stop me sending safety warnings etc.
I hope sweetheart Vivienne's problems are under control too.
It must be nearing spring for you when does lambing start?