Monday, October 18, 2010

In your dreams, Kennett

Northern Exposure [1]. It’s a 1990s US TV series. Its focus was Joel Fleischman, a young New York doctor (pictured, note the stethoscope) and his problems adjusting to Alaskan life. The romantic interest, Maggie O’Connell, spurned Fleischman’s advances with the classic retort: ‘In your dreams, Fleischman’. As I commented last Thursday [2] Jeffrey Kennett, ex Victorian Premier and frequent object of Farmdoc’s contempt, made some comments early last week which I think demonstrated memory impairment and lack of insight. Late last week, in a radio interview, Kennett said he was shot at twice during negotiations to bring the grand prix to Melbourne [3, 4]. Jeff Mawkes, the senior policeman responsible for protecting Kennett during his entire period as Premier, said he knew nothing about shooting incidents [5]. The current Premier and Police Minister were similarly sceptical. Here’s the thing: if you play fast and loose with the truth, a good memory’s imperative. The negotiations in which Melbourne stole the grand prix from Adelaide a year before Adelaide’s contract ended in 1997, occurred in private and secret. Thus the first the public knew the event would occur in Melbourne, to wit Albert Park, from 1996 was in late 1993 when Kennett announced the done deal. Thus his claim the two shootings occurred during negotiations to bring the grand prix to Melbourne, is disingenuous. And likely a lie intended to cover for Kennett’s silly and wrong comments earlier last week [6]. To paraphrase Mr Mawkes: ‘In your dreams, Kennett’.

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Chrows25 aka Leather Woman said...

Sounds like Ronald Reagan who confused his filmstar roles with real life, in his case it was the onset of Alzheimers; maybe Mr. Kennett is similarly affected; the young man in the picture would have been most welcome in my dreams!!