Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sometimes size does matter

Tasmania’s lucky to have several unique and beautiful native trees. Soon after we moved to Mole Creek in late 2002, Sweetheart Vivienne and I planted some, in terra cotta pots, to soften the south-facing expanse of the back of our house. They did well – until mid 2004 when some goats escaped from a paddock while Sweetheart Vivienne and I were in England. We returned home to see our beloved native trees savaged. One died. With care and attention, the others regrew. So much so, they eventually became pot-bound. The remedy? Larger containers. After some searching and pondering, we decided we’d use half wine barrels. Last Friday we bought seven (retail A$69.99 each, our price A$68.06 via a Seniors’ discount!). Then yesterday our dear friends Herbert (pictured) and Sally from Habitat Plants [1] in Liffey [2], brought over a ute load of native plant potting mix they’d made up themselves. Herbert did the transplanting with supreme expertise, and the other three of us bucketed the potting mix. The end result’s superb. The trees (celery top pine, sassafras, Huon pine, myrtle, leatherwood, native olive, native pepper) should love their bigger homes – and respond with a growth spurt.
P.S. After this work, we enjoyed a wonderful lunch – Sweetheart Vivienne’s home made chicken soup, Farmdoc’s wholemeal bread rolls, Sweetheart Vivienne’s honey cake, and coffee. Simply sumptuous! Thanks so much, Herbert and Sally.

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