Thursday, August 5, 2010

A film clip with sound's worth a million words

Some months ago, a blogger named Chrows25 aka Leather Woman [1] alighted on Farmdoc’s Blog. Turns out she clicked on the ‘Next Blog’ at the top left of the Blogger homepage, and the ‘Next Blog’ was mine. Since then we’ve been followers of each other’s blogs. I’ve learnt lots about Chris Burrows – her non-blog name – including that she and her husband Sel live in Winnipeg in an old house they’re fixing up, they share it with lots of pets, they’re keen gardeners, and they’re extremely active in their local community. I’ve also learnt that Chris was born in the UK, and she has scleroderma [2] – hence her ‘Leather Woman’ epithet. As Farmdoc’s Blog readers will know, she comments regularly on my posts. And as Chrows25 readers will know, I comment regularly on hers. So we’re cyberfriends. It’s nice that the internet allows, and indeed facilitates, people who live on different continents to connect with each other, and to share experiences and thoughts. Of course Chris and I’ve not met. Last Tuesday she emailed me this link to some Canadian Broadcasting Corporation news footage she and Sel feature in [3]. It’s about the Powerline – a citizens’ crime fighting initiative that Chris and Sel run (or at least coordinate). The footage content’s interesting. But even better, it showed me Chris and Sel in moving image; and it let me hear their voices. If a picture’s worth a thousand words [4], a film clip with sound must be worth a million.


Chrows25 aka Leather Woman said...

Thank you Farmdoc, it was a bit of a surprise to see all the pleasant remarks but very enjoyable.
I have learned many things from you in our short and distant relationship, other things I am pondering deeply, well all except opera!
Here's to a lovely long cyber friendship, I can't see either of us running out of things to 'Say"

Meg said...

I can't get the vid to load. Is it still working for you, FD? xx

farmdoc said...

Somehow a '2' got dropped off the end of the URL, Meg.
I fixed it - so now it's good to go.
Thanks for alerting me to the error.

Meg said...

What a great system, Chrows25. Congratulations!

I also like that the CBC clip didn't beep out the swearing of the landlady.

farmdoc said...

Meg, Chris wrote to me that the CBC cut out a long piece in which the woman used the word 'fucking' 28 times in a little less than 3 minutes of tape. So more than a little editing was done!