Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We have a sick sheep.

We have a sick sheep. A ram. Indeed a ram lamb. Born last November. Until a few days ago he was healthy. As can be. Then he got shitty. Literally. Suddenly. Within 24 hours he was lagging behind his peers. A few hours later he was too weak to stand. He’s a dear little fellow. Worth saving. The initial treatment was a dose of drench – a liquid medicine to clean out the worms in his gut that caused the diarrhoea and sapped his strength. Weaners are less able than older animals to fight off worms – their immune systems are more immature. Next was a vitamin injection. Then a 3-4 times a day regimen of 30 ml of Vigest tonic [2], a lift onto his feet, a drink from the trough, and some Ewe & Lamb Pellets [3] to eat. Two days ago he had the strength to stand for only a couple of minutes. Yesterday he stood for 10 minutes. So he’s seemingly improving. But he’s not out of the proverbial woods yet. The drench works within a few hours. So the worms are gone. The questions are if his strength and nutrition have been depleted too far; and if he has the will to live. So far so good. On both counts. Yesterday I worked in Deloraine. But today I’m at home, so he’ll be getting intensive care. Sick animals bring out the rehabilitation physician in me. I hope he makes it through. He’s a dear little fellow.


Meg said...

We are thinking of you, dear little fellows. And sending love. xx

Chrows25 aka Leather Woman said...

Well, there is another well wisher here in Canada, poor wee ram lamb; I think he is in good hands and I hope he has lots of will to live.