Saturday, July 24, 2010

This week's compendium

Here’s this week’s compendium. This week…

1. a new luxury shopping mall opened. Where? In Gaza [1]. What humanitarian crisis?

2. a study concluded that compared with normal-weight men, obese men reported more erectile function [2]. If you can’t see it, you can’t know what it’s doing.

3. the same study concluded that compared with normal-weight women, obese women were more likely to report unintended pregnancies. If you can’t see where he’s putting it…

4. the Port Phillip Leader reported that yet more trees in Albert Park are set for the chop [4]. What goes around, comes around. Will the Park’s subjugation never end?

5. though the American YMCA changed it’s name to the Y, the Village People are holding tight [5a]. And so’s the Aussie YMCA [5b].

6. the Get-It-Done Guy tells us how to prioritise [6]. Maybe some day I’ll learn.

7. in a 3-year controlled experiment on 345 people with hip arthritis, an avocado-soybean extract produced a statistically significant reduction in radiographic disease progression [7]. Ain’t Mother Nature grand.

8. that ‘amazing little farm punching well above its weight’ won a Gold Medal in the ‘From The Earth’ category at delicious. magazine’s 2010 Produce Awards [8]. Congratulations, Daylesford Organics. I’m so proud of you.

Finally, I wish you, dear Farmdoc’s Blog readers, a wonderful week.

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