Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jeff Kennett: he'd make anyone depressed

Jeff Kennett. The record shows I’ve mentioned him in five prior Farmdoc’s Blog posts. Nothing I’ve written about him’s complimentary. He’s not one of my favourite people. Nowhere near it. Even though he’s founder and chairman of beyondblue – which glibly calls itself ‘the national depression initiative’ [1]. (Oh. I thought it held itself out to be an anti depression initiative.) Before today, the latest time I mentioned Mr Kennett was on 14 April in a post related to his beyondblue chairmanship [2]. Last Thursday, over three months after 14 April, a man named Jim, who I don’t know, wrote a heartfelt comment [3].

The day before Jim commented, the media reported that anti gambling campaigner Senator Xenophon, noting the link between gambling and depression, urged Mr Kennett to resign his directorship of a company that services gambling machines, or else sever all connection with beyondblue [4]. That was a week ago. Mr Kennett responded to Senator Xenophon’s call – in his trademark bullying, disparaging manner. But he hasn’t resigned either role. He says there’s no conflict of interest in him holding both roles concurrently [5]. Does the man have the hide of an elephant? Don’t answer that – it’s a rhetorical question. Eh, Jim.

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