Thursday, July 8, 2010

Artist as Family. Yeeeeha!

An ethical and decent life. Though I aspire to one, mostly I fall short. Pity. But I do my best, even if my final decisions aren’t always the ones I should make. If Sweetheart Vivienne and I had one child, it wouldn’t be a problem. But we have four. Should we treat them equally? Or as individuals? I don’t know. However my guiding rule’s that there’s no guiding rule. Circumstances rule, OK. As to today’s post, the foregoing’s irrelevant. Yesterday I wrote of darling Kate and Brendon. Today I write of darling Meg and PJ. Not due to any concept of equal space, time or love. But because I’m so chuffed about Meg and PJ’s evolving Artist as Family project. They, and Zephyr, are travelling a path my description can’t do justice to. I see it as combining art and family with environmentalism, community, anthropology and social responsibility. Happily, their wonderful blog [1] explains AaF better than I ever could. AaF’s current project is creating a public Food Forest in suburban Sydney [2], as part of the Museum of Contemporary Art’s forthcoming show: ‘In the balance: art for a changing world’ [3]. AaF’s creating the Food Forest right now, as their blog documents so beautifully. Speaking of beauty, the Forest already looks to be a work of art. And it’ll only get better. And yummier. Good luck for the Plant-in Day this Saturday, AaF. You inspire me. And doubtless you’ll inspire countless others in coming months and years. Yeeeeha!

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The Artist as Family said...

Thanks for your support, FD! We've had almost 100 people RSVP to the Plant In, so it looks as though it's going to be a great day. xx