Friday, June 18, 2010

List: 'How to make a comfort list'

Today’s ‘List Friday’. It’s tough and wild out there, folks. And it’s so easy for us each to be dragged down by all that misery, inequality, selfishness, greed, abuse, waste and indifference. Obviously dragged down’s not how we’d choose to be. For we do no-one – especially ourselves – any good by being down there. Surely it’s best not to be there at all; but if for whatever reason we are there, we must climb up out – ASAP. I oft say, and I strongly believe, that no-one cares for us nearly as well as we care for ourselves. Because only we put our own welfare number one. And so to today’s list: ‘How to make a comfort list’ [1]. Katherine Center (pictured) – she’s a person, not an institution [2] – defines a comfort list as a list ‘of things that are soothing’. In her blog post she includes two comfort lists, but doesn’t tell us how to make one. Clearly there’s no fixed number of items in a comfort list; the items can be animal, vegetable or mineral, and tangible or intangible; and they can change from time to time. I think comfort lists can work – by making us feel better in ourselves, and thus more able to face our world. And improve it. I’ve starting making my comfort list. If you’d care to share yours, or at least part of it, please add a comment to this post.

P.S. A big thank you, and kiss, to an item on my comfort list – i.e. darling Emily – for alerting me to Ms Center’s comfort list blog post.

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