Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Farmdoc's 63rd birthday musings

Today’s my birthday. My 63rd birthday. My 23,011th day. My birthdays are days when I look back as well as forwards.

Looking back, here are the Farmdoc’s Blog posts for my 61st [1] and 62nd [2] birthdays. I’m hard pressed to define my life’s trajectory in the past 365 days. Overall, I think, it’s been more of the same. No big changes. I don’t know if that’s a good thing. Or not. But that’s what it’s been. Which is okay if I’m happy and content. And by and large I have been. And am.

Today I’m working in the clinic; thanks to recent rain and sun there’s still edible pasture grass so feeding out hay’s not yet begun for 2010 (other than the round bale I wrote of yesterday); and tonight there’s Fire Brigade training. When I was younger my birthdays were special days. I wished each one would never end. And I was sad when it inevitably did. Nowadays my birthdays are normal days. Indeed I’m grateful for, and I cherish, that normality.

As to the future, I can do no better than reiterate what I wrote last 9 June: I’m just a guy trying to live decently in an exceptionally beautiful place, and trying to tread lightly on a troubled and imperilled planet. I’m not doing so well on either count. I am fortunate to be able to try, though. Doubly so, for I know how fortunate I am. Yes. I’m truly happy to be alive.

Happy birthday to me.

P.S. I don’t apologise for this self-absorption. This pensive solipsism. For if a blogger can’t indulge in it on his birthday, then when can he?


WriterBee said...

Let me be the first person in the blogosphere to wish you a very very happy birthday, FD. I hope you have a great day and an excellent year to follow. I'm proud to be sharing the journey with such an engaged, passionate and good man. xxx

Sue said...

I'll be the 2nd farmdoc blogwatcher to send my wishes for your birthday.
1. Good health is most important
2. Contentment with your lot
3. Love
4. Naches
I think you're doing well on all counts, so keep up the good work & have a great year.
(My personal wish is that we can spend some time together.)
With love today & always,
Sue xx

Meg said...

Happy, happy birthday, FD! Sending enormous amounts of love on the south winds to you on the apple isle. xx

Chrows25 aka Leather Woman said...

Since it is finally Wednesday here, I can wish you a very happy birthday, 63 eh? I am still ahead !
My grand girl also celebrated the 9th, but 21 ...WOW young.
Sorry i went AWOL on the blog, sometimes I just feel like I fell down the rabbit hole...if I am Alice , who are you? .....

farmdoc said...

Thank you, commenters, for your birthday comments. I sincerely appreciate your kind words - though I can't believe I deserve them.
And so on to my 64th year!
PS Chrows25, all I can suggest is the Mad Hatter. (For some obscure reason I own more hats and caps than I'll ever wear.)

Kate said...

A day late but I'm sure that somewhere in the world it is still your birthday soooooo HUGE and HAPPY Birthday wishes from us 5 to you. May this year be filled with love, laughter and joy. And our scooterini present seems even more apropriate to you now Mad Hatter owner of many hats. We love you lots. XXXXX