Sunday, May 9, 2010

A perfect day: a woman, a mountain, and a cup of tea

Occasionally one comes along: A day much better than average. Perfect. Or close to it. Yesterday was one such day. Naturally Sweetheart Vivienne and I spent it together. For without her one of those days’d be impossible. After a leisurely porridge breakfast we set out for Cradle Mountain – 80 km to Mole Creek’s west [1]. But first we packed warm clothing – beanies, gloves, scarves – as the forecast maximum temperature was 5°C. Nothofagus gunnii – Tasmania’s only deciduous native plant [2] – puts on a vivid autumn display (pictured), and yesterday we aimed to view its 2010 performance. We walked for two hours, savouring each moment. One way from Dove Lake car park to Ronny Creek past Crater Falls. There were some ups and downs, of course. It was aerobic at times, but nothing overly strenuous. The Nothofagus was, at a guess, 7-10 days past its prime. Disappointing? Not at all. At Ronny Creek, awaiting the shuttlebus, we ate leftover roast chicken and potato from Friday’s dinner. It was scrumptious. But as Sweetheart Vivienne often says, all food tastes delicious out there. After the shuttlebus dropped us at the transit terminal, we each savoured a mid afternoon hot drink: She a skinny latte; me (given this [3]) a cup of tea. Then, replete with this and our nature deficit disorder antidote, we headed home. After a day like that, life’s okay. Calm. Mellow. Balanced. Thank you Cradle Mountain; and Sweetheart Vivienne.
P.S. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers today. (I hope I placed the apostrophe correctly.)

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