Sunday, May 2, 2010

The iPod, the terrorist and the police chief

Sweetheart Vivienne recently became an iPhone owner. And I in turn inherited her iPod Touch. Naturally I’ve been downloading Apps – free ones, of course, because I’m a parsimonious old guy. One of my favourites so far is AppBox Lite [1] which contains many utilities. One utility calculates the number of days between two dates. Which is how I know 103 days have elapsed since 19 January when Hamas terrorist and arms smuggler Mahmoud Abdel Raouf Al-Mabhouh met a timely death in his Dubai hotel room [2]. And 45 days have elapsed since 18 March when Victoria Police’s Chief Commissioner Simon Overland was detected carrying live bullets on a Qantas domestic flight [3]. Both these events have vanished from the media. Like sunk stones. Without trace. Because, self evidently, in each case there have been no new developments. In relation to Al-Mabhouh all investigations by Dubai’s police, Scotland Yard, the Australian Federal Police and Interpol have seemingly come to nought. What welcome news. Whoever killed him did the civilised world a favour. In the Overland case, the metaphorical sunk stone is unwelcome because it demonstrates the Rule of Law doesn’t apply in Australia, i.e. the law doesn’t apply equally to each citizen. I’ve been waiting for a wag to put some bullets in a pocket and walk through airport security to see what happens. But so far no takers. I think, now, both stories are gone forever. Ho hum.

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Chrows25 aka Leather Woman said...

Oh a parsimonious old guy who cries easily, you sound remarkably like my parsimonious old guy who cries easily!
There are sickening pictures of the plastic crap that is in our oceans, so no wonder the poor creatures swallow it.
Further to the walker it does let me walk farther.... thanks for that!