Friday, April 30, 2010

List: 'World's 100 Most Beautiful People 2010'

Today’s ‘List Friday’. Well it’s that time of the year again: When People magazine publishes its list of the ‘World’s 100 Most Beautiful People’. I wrote of the 2009 list here [1]. The 2009 winner was the then 37-year-old Christina Applegate [2]. Though the complete 2010 list, like its predecessors, is only available in the magazine, this year’s number one is Julia Roberts [3] – who’s 42. So the winners are getting older. But I’d venture to say they won’t progress much if at all past 42. This is the twelfth time Roberts has been on the list [4], and the fourth time she’s been number one and thus on the cover of People’s ‘100 Most Beautiful’ issue [5]. (The first time was in 1991 when she was aged only 23, and already the highest paid Hollywood actress [6].) Self evidently Roberts has wide and enduring appeal. But not to me. She doesn’t stir my juices. She never has. But admittedly I’m judging her on her appearance alone. And it seems her beauty goes beyond her looks, because George Clooney said ‘There’s a reason why Julia is a timeless beauty, and it has nothing to do with the way she looks. It has everything to do with who she is’. I can’t disagree with you, George. Ho hum.

P.S. I promise you, dear readers, that next Friday’s list’ll be much less soporific than today’s.

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chrows25 said...

I agree, Julia has an odd face, and I checked out Christina form the year before a very Hollywood look. I like Susan Sarandon,I think she looks very real and approachable.