Sunday, March 21, 2010

Post title change, Petey's prize, State election

This is Farmdoc’s Blog 700th post. Until today, I’ve titled the posts numerically, e.g. farmdoc’s blog post number 699. Seemingly due to a Blogger idiosyncrasy, this titling prevents Farmdoc’s Blog appearing in blogrolls, and also in the Reading List on the Dashboard page of the blogs that are followers of Farmdoc’s Blog. So starting today, I’m giving each post a unique title. I hope this cures the mischief. Time will tell.

Last 25 February on her (non public) blog, darling Indigo ran a random giveaway. The prizes were hair jewels and Hama bead items. There were 22 entries. On 28 February Indi announced four winners. Numero uno was Petey Boy. Last week in Daylesford Indi gave me Petey’s prize. Yesterday I affixed it to his enclosure’s gatepost. As the photograph shows, he was mildly interested. I think he’d have been more pleased if the prize was edible, though.

Yesterday an election was held for the lower house of the Tasmanian parliament. With a population of only 0.5M, Tasmania’s self-evidently over-governed via national, state and local/municipal governments. Anyway in my electorate of Lyons there were no candidates I felt able to vote for. So I cast an informal ballot. I’m unsure if this was a copout. I appreciate suffrage is a privilege that shouldn’t be abused. But as an ethical man, I can only be guided by my principles and conscience. (As I write, a hung parliament’s the certain outcome. So political fun times lie ahead, methinks. Ho hum.)

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Meg said...

Happy 700 posts! And well done Petey Boy. xx