Thursday, March 18, 2010

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Here are some footnotes to yesterday’s post:

In 1995 Sweetheart Vivienne and I walked Hinchinbrook Island’s Thorsborne Trail, and we were shown over the proposed Port Hinchinbrook site by (now 87 year old) Margaret Thorsborne who was then President of the FoH. So my observations on both counts are personal.

Ultimately Williams prevailed over the FoH, and Port Hinchinbrook was built. I don’t know how much Williams’s White Shoe Brigade membership and SLAPP writs contributed to this result. But I doubt they were unhelpful.

Keith Williams sold Port Hinchinbrook in 2006. He had a stroke in 2008. Now 80 years old, he’s disabled and lives on the Gold Coast in South Queensland.

I don’t know if Port Hinchinbrook’s been successful and what its environmental impact is. The new owner’s planning expansion.

FoH is defunct. The ongoing battle against the environmental excesses of Port Hinchinbrook (aka Club Mud) is being fought by the Alliance to Save Hinchinbrook [ASH].

The Grand Prix Corp’s threats of SLAPP writs were empty; the writs never eventuated.

In January 2010 Gunns withdrew the last of its 1995 Gunns20 SLAPP litigation – without even one minute of substantive (i.e. non-procedural) courtroom action.

I wrote here of vandalism at the house of Gunns Chairman John Gay (pictured) Last Monday a man pleaded guilty to it. During the hearing, Gay said he was frightened and sick of harassment at his house. How dare he – the instigator of 20 SLAPP writs aiming to frighten and harass lawful opponents – have the temerity to portray himself as an underdog. (Given the continuing southerly progress of Gunns share price, the last laugh won’t be Gay’s.)

I last wore white shoes in 1985 – when I last played tennis.

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Chrows25 aka Leather Woman said...

I also despise the John Gay types who have great control and whine at the first little inconvenience.
Now you cna wear almost any colour for tennis. Sel just got back to playing raquetball with an old friend, old in terms of longevity of friendship and in years, Sel is 66 and our friend Marty is 71, one of few friends who is older than me!
Last movie I saw was Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, it was fun, took our 9year old grandson too.