Thursday, February 11, 2010

farmdoc's blog post number 662

This is Dave. A few years ago when he was the proprietor of Mole Creek’s Post Office, he decided to paint the building red. The same red as Australia Post’s letter boxes and mail vans. But according to Dave, Australia Post wouldn’t supply him with paint of the correct colour, or instructions how to produce it. So, undaunted, and being an enterprising fellow, Dave concocted a colour he thought was identical to Australia Post’s red. And, he says, since then this colour is officially known as Mole Creek Post Office Red. The last part of this story may be apocryphal – because a google search of Mole Creek Post Office Red produces no cigar. I thought of Dave (who now runs the Post Office in Strahan on Tasmania’s West Coast – I don’t know if he’s painted it red) yesterday when I saw here that Berger Paints is, for the first time, giving the Aussie public the opportunity to name six colours from the new Berger Premium colour range. Or to vote on names other people suggest. The prize is $500 for the person naming each of the six colours. The entry form’s here and the Terms & Conditions here. Entries close on 25 February. Luckily for Dave, the six colours don’t include red. So his beloved Mole Creek Post Office Red’s under no threat. Whew!

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