Friday, January 8, 2010

farmdoc's blog post number 628

Since 21 April 2008 when I began Farmdoc’s Blog, there’s been one prior 8 January. I see that 365 days ago I wrote only tangentially about the most special person in my life. I’m remedying that now. Each day at least once and most days much more often, I think how blessed I am to be married to this most wonderful woman. A string of adjectives seems banal and corny. But I’ll give you some – loving, loyal, wise, moral, unselfish, generous, interested, literary, innumerate (!) – and you may add your own if you wish. I treasure each moment we’re together. I miss her when we’re apart. In the last 12 months she’s lost her beloved mother, finished writing Alzheimer’s: a Love Story, edited the manuscript, celebrated the launch, aced the media interviews, grown closer to her father, given of herself to her husband and children and grandchildren and others, shuttled between Melbourne and Mole Creek, farmed and gardened, blogged on The Writing Hive, and switched from a Dell laptop to a MacBook. All of these she’s accomplished really well. Except the last one, maybe. But even with this, she’ll get there eventually. I have no doubt. She’s my life partner, my soul-mate, my inspiration, my hero. She’s my Sweetheart Vivienne. And today’s her birthday. Happy birthday to you, my darling.


Kate said...

Happy birthday Bee! XX

Meg said...

What a beautiful post. I hope you two lovebirds had a really wonderful day and that you spoilt your sweetheart rotten. xx

Emily said...

Happy birthday Bee!
What a beautiful post FD. I wonder whether you'd have written the same entry if you'd known she was concealing Cherry Ripes from you. I'm just saying... xxxxxx