Wednesday, January 6, 2010

farmdoc's blog post number 626

A day or two after COP15 ended last 18 December, prime minister Rudd said Australia will do ‘no more and no less’ than other nations to fight climate change. What an attitude. It makes me abhor Mr Rudd for his manifest mediocrity. He’s a middle-of-the-road man. Bland. Insipid. Gutless. Because of him, my country, which could be a leading nation in the fight against global warming and climate change, is destined to remain in the international ruck. Obscure. Undistinguished. Insignificant. I write these words having just read this article by Evan Osnos in the 21 & 28 December New Yorker. Titled ‘Green Giant: Beijing’s crash program for clean energy’, it’s an expose of China’s innovative and promising green energy program. Which is astounding. Exciting. Hopeful. The same day Mr Rudd announced his (and Australia’s) mediocrity, here’s what Thomas L Friedman wrote in the New York Times about Denmark’s green energy initiatives. Denmark’s population’s under 25% of Australia’s, yet the Danes’ initiatives put us to shame. They make me envious. Ashamed. Despondent. What’s the difference between China and Denmark (on one hand) and Australia (on the other)? Leadership quality, obviously. Also Denmark has no coal resource. And China sees the idiocy of burning coal; and its leadership’s not beholden to the coal industry. Trouble is, in this Australian election year prime minister Rudd’s subservience to the Australian coal industry won’t lessen, and neither will opposition leader Abbott’s. Thus will my nation be prevented from distinguishing itself in responding to the greatest challenge of our time. Ho hum.

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