Friday, January 1, 2010

farmdoc's blog post number 621

Today’s ‘List Friday’. Unlike Sweetheart Vivienne, I’m not a Yahoo! person. So only recently did I learn of Yahoo! Answers. Essentially you get to pose a question on any topic, and someone with nothing better to do, and who may or may not have the knowledge to do so, answers it. Yahoo! grandiosely describes it as a new way to find and share information. Gee whiz, eh. Its mission statement, aka its marketing blurb, is ‘Get real answers from real people’. Its Welcome page says ‘It’s the one place where the world shares what they know, to help each other out. And it’s all for free’. I’ll share what I know: nothing’s for free. Thus you have to sign up to Yahoo! to access Yahoo! Answers, i.e. to ask and answer questions. Today’s list, compiled by JR Raphael of PC World, is titled ‘The 20 Dumbest Questions on Yahoo! Answers’. Judging by his (a tad of googling reveals JR’s male) preamble, JR has a very healthy sense of irony. He foreshadows ‘a sea of jaw-droppingly dumb discussions guaranteed to amaze and entertain’. He then lists the 20 dumbest questions he found surfing Yahoo! Answers, responding to the 20 ‘with the best answers I could come up with’. The questions are something, but JR’s answers are something else. What a fun way to start the 2010 ‘List Friday’ series here at Farmdoc’s Blog. Enjoy!

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