Friday, December 25, 2009

farmdoc's blog post number 614

Today’s ‘List Friday’. As 2009 draws to a close, as well as a multiplicity of end of year lists, end of decade lists are popping up – though there’s debate whether the current decade ends on 31.12.09 or 31.12.10. Whichever it is, lately there’s been no shortage of lists for me to choose from. After little searching though much soul-searching, I’ve decided this last Farmdoc’s Blog list for 2009 will be photographic. This link is to the Age’s slideshow of what it calls ‘The best photos of 2009’. It’s unclear to me how ‘best’ is defined in this context. I’ve haven’t bothered to count the number of images in this series, but I’d guess 100. Of these, five or so are of Palestinian Arabs. Destitute and downtrodden in their victimhood. As is usual for them. They of course know what they need to do to be victims no more. To fulfil their national aspirations. But they don’t do it. So victims they’ll continue to be. Maybe they’ll bear this in mind at their election next year. Or maybe they won’t. Anyway back to ‘The best photos of 2009’. Some of them have important content. And some are photographically outstanding. Like the one I’ve chosen for this post, which is my favourite. Which is yours?

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Meg said...

I like so many of them. But I particularly liked the shot of the indian men wearing the glasses to see the eclipse through.