Sunday, December 13, 2009

farmdoc's blog post number 602

Yesterday was darling Kate and Brendon’s 10th wedding anniversary. To me, their wedding day seems…not like the proverbial yesterday, rather a few weeks or months ago. But when I think about what they’ve achieved in the last 10 years – farm, family, friendships, community and much much more – I remember that as you age, your perception of time speeds up. Even so, I can hardly believe I’m the father of a woman who’s been married ten years. On Kate and Brenno’s wedding day, the CO2 concentration in the air was 368 parts per million by volume. Today it’s 386. That increase is no misperception. It’s an incontrovertible hard scientific fact. Right now, COP15 is about halfway through. And so far I’ve heard no news to assuage my pessimism. Yesterday’s Walk Against Warming was intended to put pressure on those in Copenhagen to come up with the goods – though there’s no universal definition of ‘the goods’. Despite good turnouts at the Walk locations, I reckon the main outcome was some exercise and camaraderie for the walkers. Because to have impressed the apparatchiks in Copenhagen, millions of people needed to turn out in each country. And clearly this didn’t happen. So yesterday’s Walk was, predictably, what Thomas L Friedman has called a ‘green party’. Whereas what’s needed, he says, is a ‘green revolution’. I wonder what the air’s CO2 concentration will be on Kate and Brendon’s 20th anniversary.

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