Friday, December 4, 2009

farmdoc's blog post number 593

Today’s ‘List Friday’. Once upon a time I was a pretty angry fellow. No – very angry (and it wasn’t pretty). I’m not sure of the reason(s). And it probably doesn’t matter now. For with the passing years and decades, I’ve mellowed. That’s not to say my feelings are less passionate. But rather I’ve come to understand that outward expressions of anger aren’t helpful to anyone – giver, receiver or bystander. It’s a lesson worth learning. But I doubt you can learn it merely by reading these words. Rather, you have to learn it from your own actions and their consequences. Self evidently, though, angry people still exist. (Is there a difference between angry people, and people who get angry?) And the famous aren’t immune. Today’s list is Top ten celebrity dummy spits, taken from The Vine. The items on this list sure show some full-on dummy spitting. I’m ashamed (or proud, I don’t know which) to tell you I’ve heard of only four of the ten dummy spitting celebrities. Can you guess which four? (Or maybe you know, ergo you don’t need to guess.) This list makes me wonder if the celebrities spit the dummy because they’re genuinely angry. Or do they spit it to seek the resultant publicity for image and profile reasons – like making the list of Top ten celebrity dummy spits. Ho hum.

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