Wednesday, December 2, 2009

farmdoc's blog post number 591

I know it’s weak, but I must start with this. Question: How did 7-Eleven get it name? Answer: Because when the true price is seven, they charge eleven. Ho hum. Anyway last Monday evening Sweetheart Vivienne bought a few things in a 7-Eleven outlet. And she was given too much change. Much too much. What should she do? She and I discuss this sort of thing frequently. And we agree that in any dilemma, the proper course of action is the ethical and decent one. Currently Vivienne’s sensitised to such matters because sales of her book are important to her. Fair enough, too. But it’s amazing how often moral dilemmas crop up in the course of everyday life: Should I copy a CD owned by someone else, into my iTunes? Should I download computer freeware without making a voluntary donation? Should I use photographs from the internet whose copyright status is unclear? I’m sure you can add dilemmas you’ve experienced in your life. On first look these seem difficult questions. But choosing the ethical and decent course is always the good choice. And the right one. Even if you know you won’t get caught if you make the other choice. So what did Vivienne do on Monday evening? After a second or two of think time, she gave back the surplus change. Which was the right decision, of course. Good for her. And good for 7-Eleven. No matter what their prices. Everyone wins.

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WriterBee said...

Hate to spoil a good joke, Farmdoc, but it actually wasn't a 7-Eleven; it was a small IGA supermarket. But never mind. And the second or two thinking time? That was because my arithmetic is so poor I had to be sure I wasn't returning my own money!
And then, the funny thing was I had to argue as hard to convince the checkout boy that I was right and he was wrong as I would have if I'd been accusing him of giving me too little change!